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The pristine environment our pigs are raised in allows Homestead Pork to offer a range of delicious and juicy pork cuts that will add succulency to any dining occasion.



Raised on the renowned Granite Belt in the Southern Downs region of Queensland, Homestead Pork pigs enjoy the vast expanses provided by the western slopes of the Great Dividing Range.


Supported by industry best practices in animal welfare and quality assurance, all Homestead Pork pigs are grown sow stall free and eco shelter raised, with the health and welfare of every animal given primary importance.


Homestead Pork’s ability to provide a great eating experience is derived from a unique customised feeding system.


100% Australian grown, Homestead Pork is hormone free and produced without the use of growth promoters – the way nature intended.


Homestead Pork is processed exclusively for Classic Meats and Bidfood Australia branches.



Homestead Pork is developed by and available exclusively through Classic Meats and Bidfood Australia branches. 


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